What Have You Heard About Mexico These Days? Misconceptions Made Clear

What have you heard about Mexico? Here are some facts about Mexico you probably didn’t know.

1) Mexico is home to world class archaeology, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and museums

Mexico is home to over 44,000 archaeological sites, 27 of which are recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage — that’s ┬ámore than Egypt and Greece!┬áMexico City also has more museums than any other city in the world.

2) Mexico is home to some of the most significant cities in the world

Mexico has 11 UNESCO World Heritage Cities, ranking the country in third place after Italy and Spain. The cities included on the list: Queretaro, San Miguel de Allende, Puebla, Zacatecas, Mexico City, Oaxaca, Morelia, Tlacotalpan, Campeche and Guanajuato are considered to be of outstanding importance to the common heritage of humankind.

3) Mexico is fourth among the top 10 best locations to retire

According to International Living,  Mexico is fourth among the top 10 best locations to retire. Reports are that approximately one million Americans live in Mexico.

4) Mexico excels in education

Mexico holds one of the worlds leading places of engineering graduates. Mexico is also home to the oldest university in North America.

5) Some of the world’s best vacation spots can be found in Mexico

Mexico hosts over 24 million tourists every year; and 80% of them return to visit again. With 176 natural protected areas, Jacques Cousteau named the Sea of Cortez “The Aquarium of the World”. ┬áDon’t forget, Mexico’s cuisine is one of only two recognized as having special cultural significance to the world by ┬áUNESCO.

6) Mexico is creative

Mexico is one of the worlds top producers and exporters of creative products. Mexican media and creativity companies report sales of over 20 billion dollars a year allowing media content to impact millions of people all over the world! Mexico is also a leader in design and production of aircraft parts and host to over 300 aerospace companies.

7) Mexico is High tech

Mexico is proud to be the number one flat screen exporter in the world, the 8th largest vehicle producer, and the 4th largest exporter of automobiles. Mexico is also first class as the worlds most competitive location for software, video games, web, and multimedia development.

Facts About Mexico


8)  Mexico is a cultural center center

Mexico hosts the largest Hispanic book-fair in Guadalajara and also hosts MACO, the most prestigious, international contemporary art fair in Latin America every year.

9) Mexico is on every dining table world wide

Mexico is the number one exporter of avacado, papaya, tomato, guava, and mango. The country┬áis the proud birth place of chocolate as well as the second most important supplier of chocolate to the US. Tequila is also a product┬áof Mexico, and they are also the number one exporter of beer. As if that wasn’t impressive enough, Mexico is also one of the world’s leading organic coffee producers and exporters.


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